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Manchester City victory despite weather conditions

Manchester City, although right during the match, the weather conditions worsened, managed to defeat West Ham United. During the match, heavy snow began to fall, making it almost impossible to continue the game, but despite the weather conditions, Manchester City was able to win with a score of 2: 1.
The situation in West Ham United’s Manchester City was very like another showdown that was also to take place on the same day. But due to heavy snowfall, the opposition between Tottenham and Burnley was postponed to another period. The first match took place in such extreme conditions that it was sometimes difficult to see from the stands on the pitch. That is why the start of the second half was delayed. The delay was five minutes because the stadium workers were trying to clean the stadium to somehow make the game easier for the teams.
Experts point out that Manchester City’s performance under these conditions was amazing. They were able to realize some very good chances given that the conditions of the game were dire. In the first half, it is almost impossible to play a normal game, but the teams succeeded.
The management of the stadium noted that only the gardeners who took care of the field are obliged. If not for them, the match would not have been played.

Source: ESPN

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