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How to bet on football profitably?

Each of these tips will help you understand how to gamble on football correctly, which is why you need concentration and attentiveness when studying them. Here is a list of the most important football betting tips from personal experience and failure:

  • Choice of opposition – each football game must be chosen from familiar championships that you either previously analyzed, or want to start;
    If one or several bets in a row do not pass, in any case don’t rush to recoup at breakneck speed, as a rule, this leads to complete collapse and bankruptcy;
  • Learn to control emotions and excitement – this allows you to stop at the right moment. Thanks to this, you’ll constantly be in the black, and your game balance will not be empty due to unjustified greed.
  • Do not use catch-ups – if suddenly you made one stake, but after a while the coefficient on it increased, in no case do not gamble on it again. If you lose, you’ll lose funds. It is better if you later use them at another event.
  • Using odds less than 1.30 and more than 1.90 – this can lead to the loss of the bet. Events with similar odds are not recommended, even if you have collected multiples from several events.

Is it better to bet on football in live?

Strategy of playing football live stakes is very similar to traditional pre-match stakes, however there are several nuances, knowledge of which helps to play more successfully online. There is nothing to do without competent bankroll management. Especially online, where there is always a temptation to spit on a financial strategy and double your bet in order to win back. Without adhering to a clear financial strategy, merging the bank online is as easy as shelling pears. It is optimal to bet flat – that is, to determine in advance how many percent of the bank will be each stake (for example, 5%). Such a strategy significantly increases the chances of profit in the long term, and reduces the chances of losing. There are also more complex financial strategies for live, but they are for experienced players.

Why are live bets good?

The fact that they allow you to receive money for a good knowledge of a particular sport. Knowing football, you can win by gambling on it online. There is also a downside to the medal – many climb into sports that they know little about.
Live strategy allows you to gamble on a football match while watching it online. Before the game, it is unclear with what line-up the team will play, in what state its leaders are, what is the tactics for the football fight. All this is known during the match. A person who has watched thousands of matches in his life, intuitively feels how the game he is watching in a live broadcast will develop. Try to watch the matches that you bet on live – this increases the chances of success.
Many people like that live strategy allows you to win back immediately, because the line is updated every minute, and you don’t have to wait several hours to make a new stakes. Players of an impatient nature love this, because they do not have to look for suitable events for a long time. This is the danger: having made a couple of negative stakes, you can lose control over yourself and, trying to recoup as soon as possible, make a lot of stupid stakes and drain everything to a penny.


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