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Cancellation of the match between Burnley and Tottenham due to bad weather

A soccer match that was supposed to take place between Sunday between the two teams like Burnley and Tottenham did not take place. The reason for this was the sharp deterioration in weather conditions. No one expected such a development of events, so the decision to cancel the match was announced only an hour before its start.
Both teams arrived outside the football field, but due to worsening weather conditions and heavy snowfall, both teams announced that they were forced to cancel the match. It was snowing heavily on the pitch, making it impossible to play fair between football clubs.
The stadium staff tried to do everything they could to keep the match going despite the bad weather conditions. But after consulting with managers and judges, it was decided that the best way out of the situation was to cancel the match and postpone it to a later date.
Both teams almost published posts on their social networks. It was noted that the reason for such a decision was the constant snowfall.
One of the experts said that such a decision was the best way out of the situation because no matter how hard the stadium workers tried, the situation only got worse. The expert also said that everyone watching football wants to enjoy the match. But in such a situation, the pleasure was impossible to get.

Source: ESPN

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