Jürgen Klopp has dropped the biggest hint yet that Daniel Sturridge will remain at Liverpool beyond this summer.

In an interview with The Times, Klopp was asked about Daniel Sturridge and his impact in the last few weeks, particularly his role against West Ham at the weekend, in which the England striker scored one lasted the majority of the game.

Klopp: “A fit Sturridge is an unbelievable player. That’s a pity of the situation, not often enough but he’s now fit, spot on, trained two or three weeks.”

So Sturridge has a future here? “Of course.”

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Klopp: “The more offensive you are, the more space you give the other team. We conceded too many goals [42 in the league]. Most of them come from counterattacks and set pieces, so losing the ball in the wrong moment, don’t have the protection, it’s our fault. If our defending wasn’t good, do you think I’d keep them? We can finish fourth, we play brilliant football in a few games this year, so when our squad is fully fit it’s a Champions League squad already, especially the [starting] line-up.

We have to be better next year and we will be. For this we need to bring in quality players. Believe me, it is not easy to find players who make us better. We are already good. We will find them because I love the combination of Liverpool [on offer to potential recruits]: the name, the size of the club, the support, the power, the money we can pay, stadium we have, the atmosphere we can create, I love it. It’s the biggest ever.”

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