Meet The Team


Ollie Bond(OliverBond20) Owner. I launched Anfield HQ in May 2014, and since then it has grown and grown to become one of the most read Liverpool blogs on the internet. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch the rise of the blog & AnfieldHQ, the official twitter account. I have met some fantastic people, and I am extremely proud of how far the blog has come, highlighted by us winning the Best #New Football Blog 2014 at the Football Blog Awards 2014 and the Best #Club Football Blog 2015 and 2016. I pride myself on efficiency and professionalism, but being only 21 myself, I want to try and help as many young people as I can get a foothold in the world of journalism. I am surrounded by a fantastic team of people, all who have bought into what we are trying to accomplish, and I am humbled to have the support of so many people. It's been a throughly enjoyable journey so far, and I can't wait to see what's around the corner. 

 Site Editors 


Martin Turner (@Turner_LFC) Martin joined the team in December 2014. He is Anfield HQ's Deputy Editor, and has been a key part of the team since joining. Martin also is a team member on the Twitter account, and alongside these responsibilities he also writes for Anfield HQ on a regular basis as well as contributing to match previews and reviews. 


Michael Pietrzak – (@MichaelPietrzak) joined the team in June 2015.  Michael is one of Anfield HQ's Sub-Editors and lives in Boston, Massachusetts area. He fell in love with Liverpool Football Club during the first home match in the 2004-05 campaign vs Manchester City. Gerrard calmly struck the game winner which sent the Kop into madness. Michael works in the sport industry at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Massachusetts. His whole life is revolved around sports including football. Michael is also Head of our Scout Reporting Department. 


Sam Halliwell - (@hamsalliwell) Sam joined the team in July 2016 as an intern, and is now one of our Sub- Editors at Anfield HQ. Born in Cumbria, Sam is currently at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Business/Marketing. Sam has been a Liverpool fan since his dad took him to see Liverpool play Arsenal in 2002 and now regularly makes the short journey from Manchester to Anfield for match days.

Head Of The Academy 


Scott Taylor (ScottTaylorUK) - Scott has been covering the Liverpool Academy since 2013 and has been in the industry for just over two years. As well as writing articles about Liverpool U21s and U18s, he often writes features about the latest sporting topics.  Scott also writes our Weekly Loan Watch, and you can follow him on Twitter: @ScottTaylorUK.

Weekly Columnists


Joel Rabinowitz - (joel_archie)- Joel has been an avid follower of the Reds since 2002- with his favourite player being Steven Gerrard. Joel loves to play, talk and write about footy. He writes match reviews and analysis on every #LFC game for Anfield HQ. He is also published on The Anfield Wrap and Liverpool Echo. 


Ben Teesdale (Ben201990) - Ben joined the Anfield HQ Team in February 2015. Ben is 25 years old, a lifelong Liverpool supporter and proud Welshman. Ben has always wanted to pursue a career in sports journalism and graduated from Swansea University with a Masters degree in journalism. He is generally an optimist and try to look for the positives when it comes to Liverpool but enjoys any sort of debate or discussion about the club, or the wider world of football in general.  


Simon Ward - (@SiWard2505) - Simon joined the team in June 2016 and is from a Liverpool mad family. Simon is a keen writer who's uncle was Melwood caretaker in the 80's/90's so Simon was allowed in to watch training and meet heroes. Simon lives in Runcorn, Cheshire, and has two daughters. 



Colin Duffy (ColinwDuffy) - Liverpool born, exiled since 1980. Fan of #LFC, Colin is a lover of Italian football and literature. Dwelling in a seaside village, hoping that inspiration hits before the perspiration.


Ian West - (StatesideKop) - Ian currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and has been an avid Liverpool supporter since 2003. He enjoys writing about all aspects of the club. Ian is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration and hopes to continue into a career in sports journalism.




Jake Ware - (@JacobWare95) Jake is a student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. A lifelong Liverpool fan, Jake will cover the Reds' loanees for Anfield HQ.


Tom Holmes - (@TomHolmes19) Tom joined Anfield HQ in December 2016 as a match analyst. Huge Liverpool fan for over ten years who's looking to springboard his love of all things football and sport into a sports journalism career. He has an M.A in Philosophy from Warwick University and also writes for EyeFootball and FantasyFootballFirst.


Muhammed Usman - @Usmaan_lfc Muhammed lives in Dubai, originally from Pakistan. He is 18 and has a strong interest in the tactical side of the game with hopes of getting into coaching in the future, he's been a #LFC fan since he started watching football, and is our Tactics Analyst. 

Instagram Manager


Robert Shotton - (@Rob15Shotton)  ⁠⁠⁠My name is Rob Shotton . I'm 21 years old and I live in Wilmslow, Cheshire. I am currently a student at the University of the West of England, studying business management. In my spare time, I watch/play football and rugby. I am an avid Liverpool fan and I have been a fan ever since I can remember, regularly attending games at Anfield. As part of my University degree, my third year of University was spent undertaking a placement year at Macclesfield Town as Commercial Assistant. As part of my role there, I was required to run the Instagram page - Increasing the number of follows dramatically. This is what we are trying to achieve here at Anfield HQ too. Therefore, if you have Instagram and you are a big Liverpool fan like me, give us a follow 🙂



Aoife Hawe  - (Aoifeshandle)  - Aoife am 18 and live in London, but supporting Liverpool runs in the family so she has been a fan for as long as she can remember. Aoife is currently studying A levels with the ambition to progress onto studying political science at degree level. 




Isabel Baldwin - (@izzybaldwin97) Isabel joined the team in July 2016 as an intern. Isabel grew up in Warrington, Cheshire, in a passionate LFC family and has been an avid Liverpool fan for as long as she can remember. She wants to pursue a career in sports media and journalism, and is currently a student at University of Birmingham, studying French, Spanish and Portuguese. Isabel now regularly travels back from Birmingham to watch the matches at Anfield.



Leanne - (@leanne3654) Leanne joined the team in July 2016 as a Match Previewer, but she is now also an intern at Anfield HQ. She is an 18 year old Liverpool fan with a huge passion for the game. Leanne has been writing for a number of years now and loves sharing her opinions and engaging in debates.

Michael Mongie - (@Coutinhology) Michael is a budding journalist and the owner and founder of Rousing the Kop. He fell in love with Liverpool Football Club, as so many did, during the miracle that was Istanbul '05. He harbours ambitions of becoming a sports journalist once he has graduated from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. His real dream, above all else, is to be able to watch every Liverpool game at Anfield from the hallowed Kop. 

Scout Reporters


Max (@Sefendo) - Max joined the team in August 2016 and is a football enthusiast. He is our Bundesliga specialist and a passionate Liverpool fan since he's been watching the Premier League. Besides that Max is interested in football tactics and follows his passion as a youth football coach.



Daniel Stemler (@StemDan) - Daniel is a Hungarian journalist, based in Madrid, Spain. He is a scout reporter for  Anfield HQ covering Spain and he has been an avid Liverpool supporter since 2001. Dani is an ethusiastic sports fan who, apart from football, also loves basketball, ice-hockey and road cycling. He has an M.A. in Professional Multimedia Journalism from Complutense University of Madrid.



Nemanja Grbic (@Nemcy85) – Nemanja joined the team in August 2016 and is a football writer from Serbia. Words on many places including 90min, Anfield Index & FourFourTwo. Enjoys writing about Reds and the players linked with them.

Website Administrator


Steve Cooper (@Stephen_Cooper_) – Steve joined the team in August 2014, and is our Website Administrator. He is responsible for not only the design but also the management of the website, and is a fundamental part of the day to day running of it. Steve has been influential in helping Anfield HQ grow and acquire interviews with the likes of Chris Bascombe, Graham Beecroft, Dave Maddock and other high regarded journalists.