Anfield HQ Interactive

Welcome to our interactive page, where supporters can select the team of their choice before every single LFC game using our squad selector and have the chance to share those teams with over 120,000 people. We’ve also now introduced player ratings for after each game where fans can also see the overall average of scores, which you can find in the match analysis of every game.


We believe in fair use of interactive content, and all of the widgets on Anfield HQ are powered by Stats FC. Stats FC make football widgets for use on websites or blogs. The widgets cover the Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, League Cup and more.

Pick your LFC starting XI each week using the Anfield HQ squad selector provided above. Simply pick from the players available to fill in the gaps on the pitch, and make sure to pick your bench as well.

Once you have finished press the Tweet button in the top right hand corner to share your teams on Twitter. These teams will then appear in our newsfeed and we will retweet a few before kick-off!

After the game, pick your scores using the Player Ratings widget, and let us know how you rated each performance.